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Hidden Beaded Wefts

The hidden beaded weft techniques (also known as the braid-less weaves) cater to more hair types without causing damage! Whether you have fine, thin hair, or coarse, dense hair.  It is installed without the use of any heat tools, chemicals, glues, braids, etc. Instead, the weft lays completely flush with the scalp. It is installed with micro beads that are lined with gel silicone, which acts as a protective cushion for the natural hair. Therefore this method creates NO damage, as your hair is wrapped around silicone for the duration of your installation! This installation usually lasts 4-6 months and involves a monthly maintenance appointment to adjust the beads.  Installation time is usually 2 hours

**Offer many different types of hidden beaded weft techniques!

Nanolink Technique

Nanolinks use a very tiny bead to attach the extension piece to your natural hair. 

The bead is the size of the tip of a pen making it almost invisible. There is no glue, wax, sewing or braiding involved. Pliers are used to clamp the bead shut on your natural hair and the extension. 

When Nano-links are properly installed they are undetectable and do not slip or slide out of your hair.

Due to their extremely small nature these extensions are ideal for thin and short hair. 


Require maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks.

Keratin Bonding/Hot fusion

Hot fusion

Hot fusion is a method utilizing keratin based tips on the extensions that are attached to the hair with a heating element. Hot fusion hair extensions are also known as keratin hair extensions and tip hair extensions. This method is one of the more popular installation techniques as there is less chance of matting/tangling. They are applied to your natural hair in small ‘bundles’ with a heated keratin protein (NOT a glue!). We offer regular fusion bonds (cylindrical) and do the flat fusion bonds (which lie flatter on your scalp so more comfortable). Since your hair is already made of 90% keratin (a protein compound,) this method is actually gentler on hair and is great for clients with medium to dense hair.


Lasts 3-4 months and involves no maintenance appointments. Extension hair can be reused by creating new bonds on the extensions.


This application usually takes the longest to install and remove (2-4 hours)

Micro Link Technique

Cold Fusion

Microlink extensions are another strand method applied by weaving small sections of hair through a micro link tube. The tube/link is slid onto the natural hair, an I tip pre-bonded hair extension is then inserted and then clamped tightly to secure the hair extension. Cold fusion does not use heat to apply the hair extensions to your hair.


Microlink extensions can last 4-6 months with proper care and usually require maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks.


Installation usually 2-3 hours

Micropanelling Technique

Micro tape-ins

Tape In hair extensions last up to 8 weeks and are re-useable for up to 3 re-applications. This method is done byapplying one piece of Tape In hair extension below your hair and one piece above it, effectively sandwiching your natural hair between the two pieces. This method is great for adding volume and length. Seamless hair extensions are pre taped and require no additional adhesives on the scalp, no weaving, no braiding, no clips, no chemicals, or messy removal.  At Mystiq Extensions we go one step further - we don't do the quick big panel taping that is more rigid and less flexible....we do Micropanelling, which is smaller pieces of tape-ins instead of the full panel which leads to more comfort and flexibility with the extensions. Tape-ins are easy to apply with no tools required.Can be reused but need to be prepped again with new tape -This is the quickest hair extension installation method.

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