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Services and Pricing:

Specializing in various hair extension application techniques -


Integrated Micro-Weft, Flat fusion, fusion clylindrical bonds, Microlinks, Nanolinks, Tape-ins, Micropanelling, hidden nano-weft, hidden beaded wefts, Mystiq Hidden weft


Premium Luxury Microweft Extensions:

Microweft extensions are the latest rage!   Seamless and thinner than handtied extensions with no return hairs or short hairs!

$650 - 100g

$800 - 150g

$1000 - 200g

*includes consultation, premium quality European Remy human hair virtually seemless/thinnest microweft extensions, installation, cut & blend and style

**Can choose solid colour extensions, highlights, peekaboos, ombre, custom colours - desired look will be customized at consultation - no extra charge!

 **Package includes free removal of extensions if getting hair re-installed/new hair installed at next visit

Other Services:

$150 - removal of extensions (fusion, microlinks, or tapeins)

$250 - installation only (hair provided by client)

$250 - maintenance for tapeins (Removal, retape, and                                   reinstall)

$75 -   monthly maintenance of Integrated microweft (3-4 weeks)

$100 -   maintenance of Integrated microweft (5-6 weeks)

$100 -   maintenance of sew-on beaded microweft

$150 - maintenance of microlink/nanolink installations (every 4-5                   weeks)

$200 - re-installation of integrated microweft (for existing clients -               required every 4-6 mths)

Highlights & Specialty colours:

$150 - 25 extensions/pieces throughout hair

$275 - 50 extensions/pieces  throughout hair (50g)

$10   - per individual piece/extension price for            

                     peekaboos or random highlights




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